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abandoned breaths ebook


What happens to the words that never escape the confines of heartbroken souls?
When someone chooses to vacate your life, they seldom take everything with them when they leave. Closure is elusive.Β  A heart still has questions. It is ruthless in its inquisition and stores every one of them in your soul.
Endless dialogue.
Where do the words go?
The ones we wanted to say, but never got the chance?
They live on.
They don’t leave with their Muse.
They stay behind.
Clinging, building, breathing, and aching to be heard.
Abandoned breaths longing to breathe.
I feel them emerging, and for once I do not stop them. I let them flow.
I release the heartache, in hopes that by doing so, these words will find other hearts and bring them a measure of comfort.
You are not alone.
When it comes to love, we all speak the same language.
” I am a collection of everything that has touched my skin. I have absorbed the pulse of the Universe.”

3 thoughts on “Alfa’s Poetry Collections

  1. Our hearts and minds are well traveled roads by all who have come and gone into and out of our lives. It is true, what Paul Reps wrote, “Snow is the only one of us that leaves no tracks.”


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