So i sit here in my universe, alone with thoughts of us and how we once were, and I ask myself if it is you I miss, or if it was being a part of us. A unit.

Not having someone to rely on, to be your rock in times of trouble is a hard burden to bear.

Not having someone that sees things through the same rose-colored glasses that you put on in the morning is a tiresome task. Convincing someone to be a part of the life you imagine… creating them, so to speak, has hardened me. You can’t change people you know? You can’t add attributes they do not possess. That’s how we get into relationships that are doomed to fail. We think they will change. You think you will be able to carve them – give them tree trunk feet. But the base is the same. The foundation is the same. Look at this person in the raw. That’s what you got. You can dress a salad up to the nines, but underneath it’s still lettuce. What does lettuce taste like? Not so appetizing without the dressing, is it? Sometimes we dress our partners. We give them toppings they don’t normally wear. We envision them Romaine instead of Iceberg. Remove the bacon – you’ve got Iceberg. Bland iceberg.


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