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I move through life with expectancy…

seeking the grain that fills the hourglass.


Each day begins depleted, 
and as I arise and turn my soul over, 
I sing silent prayers 
that I'm somehow filled 
with sustenance... 
before time runs out. 
It has always been a battle between the world 
giving and taking away, 
and ultimately how I endure 
the exchange of power.ย 


My heart has been in rehab for hazy years now, 
and yet it still awakens
with a hopeful yawn 
at the sound of each knocking wave. 
I've installed a security system 
of buoys to alert me - to detour the unannounced.
Railing support is so important 
when your entire being wants nothing more 
than to make sand castles out of windblown dunes.

~ Alfa 2017

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