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Love Her Wild: My daughter’s favorite – Atticus

It was just about this time last week that I had an exorbitant amount of fun at my daughter’s expense. You see that’s what happens when your kids grow up and move away. You look for opportunities that may arise that you can somehow share with your now ‘adulting’ kids. My daughter is a carnivorous reader. A social media hobbyist. A collector of words, and a phenomenal mother in her own right.

But she is also… an avid Atticus fan.

Enter Atticus

You see, when I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Love Her Wild in the mail a few weeks before its worldwide release – I had a moment.

After I got over my shock, I began to feel this incredible compulsion a rub it in your face kind of moment – to rub it in a little to the one person whom I knew would freak and shriek, and share in my joy.

After all, his number one fan could quite possibly be MY 25 year old daughter.

I snapped pics of the stunning raised cover, after I fondled it for a bit, (it feels so nice), and then I took some artistic shots of the photos and pages inside.

I texted them to my sweet unsuspecting daughter who lives across town…

and I even took my time spelling in all caps right below the juicy photos:


Now you have to understand, Atticus is not my Bae.  Not that I would mind one bit if he were, but I was in my moment…remember?

And in my eyes,  it did make me look super chic and ultra hip, and not so decrepit in my daughter’s eyes or at least I think it did. Maybe for a second. Ok, maybe she was just a little jelly.

Because lets face it – I  was in possession of the highly coveted Atticus debut poetry book -hot off the presses… and I wanted her to see that all those quotes she had so painstakingly copied off of his Tumblr , Twitter, and his Instagram, and sent to me over (and over) for the past 3 years, was not in vain!

The book itself is aesthetically beautiful and the poetry inside is classic Atticus. Anyone who follows him on any number of his social media accounts will be over the moon for this volume of poetic hope and soul strengthening. It has some of his most well-known quotes along with never-seen-before writings.

The photography is poignant and enhances his words, allowing the reader to absorb them on a cerebral level. His message stays with you long after you turn a page. The imagery is stunning and impactful. I found myself remembering verses with the images intertwined… they flowed together perfectly. Atria books did a phenomenal job crafting this release. It truly is one of the loveliest poetic books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. And anyone that knows me, knows that I have quite the library. I support all writers, but most specifically poetry writers – because that’s where my heart is.

So I was in my moment… holding this beautiful book, and having flashbacks of my daughter in high school. Looking like Linda Blair in the Excorcist. Recalling the horrid, horrid times when she rolled her eyes and said I knew nothing and she knew everything. Those blacked-out, blood boiling calendar dates that moms of adult children never willingly conjure up. You know the drill – I was old as dirt and she was freshly mowed grass – and let’s not forget… she knew everything. So this moment I was having… it was more than justified. And I was a little bit tickled to be the mom in possession of something she deemed ‘contemporary’, and ‘in’, and ‘cool’.

Then she splashed water on my face… via text.

Mom he isn’t your bae. You don’t even know him. Do you even know what a bae is?”


Mom, can I borrow the book?”

“Over my dead body. I’ll never get it back.”

“No, but you can pre-order yours now, or wait until it goes live July 11th.”

“I already pre-ordered mine. But I’d like to come over and read it now.”


“How about I take that one and you can have mine when it comes?”

“You have lost your ever-loving mind little girl…

“I’m sorry sweetheart,  I can’t do that. This one is signed… from my bae… to me.”


It’s these little moments that my inner warrior-mom just squeals with karma loving goodness. It’s not going to hurt her a bit to wait until next Tuesday, July 11th to read her favorite Poet’s words. After all, as her mom I have waited on her a zillion heart-stopping, bated breath, up all night, soul gasping, “God take me now” – times.

~ Alfa

This is not a review of Love Her Wild. I will do that at a future date.

Preorder your copy of Love Her Wild here on Amazon or on Barnes and Noble


You can find Atticus via these links below:






Oh and do not forget that I have a poetry book out right now as well!

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