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And he will love her.

You meet and you click.

Somewhere between weeks of texts, and drinks chased by the newness of it all, you think you’re already in love. It’s crisp and new. It’s fresh and aromatic. The Universe has opened its star filled chest and bestowed upon you a beacon of charismatic light that is proving irresistible. A galactic warrior princess with a heart that is shaped in the template of your own, is fighting through the barricades around you…

and you are  f a l l i n g  hard.

‘She is aesthetically lovely, articulate, accomplished, and passionate.’

She is positive about life, and it’s so incredibly contagious, you’re seeing life where you once saw death.  You love how responsive she is to your banter. She is a goal setter, with limbs full of creativeness, and a heart exploding with dreams.

You love the way she giggles when you create new pet names for her, and the way she smiles impulsively when she catches you looking at her unaware. You find yourself aching, no… seeking her company.

“…And the air bends when she leaves the room.”

You weigh her sparkling attributes, comparing them to exes of your past, and she shines so bright that you are blindsided to anything but the good and effervescent. She’s everything you’ve been looking for, and you are a breath away from crying out to the fathomless skies – and thanking them for finding her and sending her your way.

It’s just been a few weeks – but she is perfect.

You know it’s fast and It’s just the beginning…. but I have to ask:

Can you really love her?”

She’s creatively artistic, and she has drawn you a map… affixing a big red X across the destination to the treasure trove… her heart.

If you took notes, you know why her relationships failed in the past- and you must know she’s been chewed up and spit out more times than an infant sampling his first foods.

How observant are you?

She’s left you clues. She is leaving you clues….

Sumptuous morsels for you to pick and choose from. If you partake, they will guide you along  your journey. Checkpoints she needs to evaluate. She will watch your approach. She will take note of how you handle the scenery along your way.

She will see if you can really love her.

You see, it’s easy to love someone who represents everything you’ve checked off your list. She looks like Christmas morning right now, but are you going to feel the same way when you unwrap the pretty packaging and see that her heart is as deep and dark as a full moon on Halloween?

When the shine wears off, because it does, are you going to love the dull, everyday, muted down version of the warrior princess that you imagine her to be?

Because while she is all of those things that you’ve checked off in your mind…

She is so much more.

She is deeper than any wishing well, and you are only in love with 1% of her: The parts she has grudgingly revealed.

You haven’t been by her side for the years it took to create the person you now profess to admire.

You haven’t touched the surface of the history contained within her fortified soul.

You are in love with the layer she has let you see.

If you find after a few months that your admiration wanes, and that you could not handle how she  dared to ‘change’, (which is another way of saying you never really knew her to begin with), you will start to withdraw and view her differently… no longer is she perfect and you are left wondering what happened. And you will inevitably move on.

And she knew you would. She has prepared for this.

Because you could not really love her.

It’s a cycle. People like the newness. She’s encountered your type before.

They cast their hopes and dreams, and their ideal fantasy, onto the spines of another individual. They feed them and create an imaginary monster. It’s easy. They have no past with them… they are a blank slate. And they make the first few weeks so idyllic that it takes on the same feeling as Disneyland.

But she’s looking for THE ONE.

The one that does not run when the façade starts to fall. The one that embraces the mess along with the pristine. The one that resembles grains of sand, and no, she doesn’t mind counting every one. The one that says I love you and she can feel it to her toes. He doesn’t run, because he isn’t going anywhere without her, once he finds her.

He’s like the ocean, rolling up on her shore, washing all her doubts away.

He looks at her like Christmas morning, and he plays poker with her ghosts under a full moon on Halloween.

And he will love her.



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