Masks-Introducing New Sudden Denouement Member Sarah Doughty

Originally posted on A Forum for Divergent Literature:
I’m not fooled by that mask of delicious perfection covering false pretenses, the façade of beauty with that devilish intention beneath. Your eyes give you away, like a wolf masquerading around in an innocent, irresistible skin. But I know better. You’re ready to devour every last bit…

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Abandoned Breaths Cover Reveal

I have a poetry book releasing soon! ABANDONED BREATHS       What happens to the words that never escape the confines of heartbroken souls? When someone chooses to vacate your life, they seldom take everything with them when they leave. Closure is elusive.  A heart still has questions. It is ruthless in its inquisition… Continue reading Abandoned Breaths Cover Reveal

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And he will love her.

You meet and you click. Somewhere between weeks of texts, and drinks chased by the newness of it all, you think you’re already in love. It’s crisp and new. It’s fresh and aromatic. The Universe has opened its star filled chest and bestowed upon you a beacon of charismatic light that is proving irresistible. A galactic warrior princess with a heart that is shaped… Continue reading And he will love her.