Big Bad Wolf


You think you are so deep and mysterious,

and that you ‘spare’ me by keeping a distance.

You drop just enough breadcrumbs to keep me on your trail,

yet warn me over and over not to get too close to the Big Bad Wolf.

I find it really tiring as far as bedtime stories go.

I’ve been writing your saga for years, and besides your verbal account,

you possess no more demons than anyone else who has walked the earth.

It’s been said the loudest and most boastful person

in the room is but a fool, while the silent person contains wisdom.

I know you’ve been to Hell and back, and I could tell you what

cubicle you rested your head in. I know your fears as well as you do.

I’ve been writing your story for years… remember?

Just as you tell it. Line after line of drama and heartache.

But, let me assure you that you need not ‘spare’ me.

While you have always been a star in that deep fathomless sky,

I have been the Universe of darkness that clutches and holds you in its center.

I have used your bit of light to help me find my way in that massive void.

So, when you worry about subjecting me to your darkness Mr. Wolf…

I worry if I can contain myself from swallowing you whole.


~ Alfa




4 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf

  1. To articulate my language in this piece has given me goosebumps! You took it from my breath and made sense of my mind beautifully!


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