Love yourself.

You’re going to question yourself.

Beat yourself up with self-doubt, remorse, regret.

After you stop blaming them, you’ll start blaming ‘you’.

The interrogation turns inward. You’ll place your heart on the witness stand and you’ll be lethal with your technique.

When someone walks away, we always turn the mirror around. We examine ourselves.

We pick ourselves apart… piece by piece, and we are unforgiving in our punishment.

If you didn’t love yourself before, or at least ‘like’ yourself a little… you’re going to shatter.

We’ve all been there. Immersed in pain. The breath-catching kind that renders you emotionally bereft.


It’s times like this that you have to hold on to your self-worth.

Or at least try to. It’s hidden down a long slippery slope.

Hold tight to a measure of self-love. Grasp it with all you have left.

Wrap yourself in the arms of your outstretched soul.

Comfort yourself.

There’s always the faintest of lines between love and hate when someone chooses to leave you.

Don’t hate. Don’t hate a person you once loved because they’ve left you.

Nothing will impale your soul with such force – as replacing love with hate.

Love yourself… That kind of love will get you through any kind of heartache.

That… and time.

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