Memories: Trying to put them down

July 31, 2017

An open letter to all MEMORY HOARDERS

We carry the burden of yesterday.

We do. Or at least some of us do.

How many times have you thought about emptying your heart and soul… and putting them down?

Our memories are in our eyes and weigh heavy with every fragmented step. They’re in our arms that endlessly reach,  trying to grasp tomorrow.

We drop pieces of the past, and fill the crevices with momentary pleasure… Trying to replace what we’ve lost.

Memories – encasing you like your favorite jacket on a late December day. Keeping you warm and fuzzy and protecting you from the cold.


It’s a struggle… a pendulum swinging back and forth. We cling to the rock-hard surface, the sustainable dependability of our memories – gaining momentum, and for brief moments we feel enlightened and indestructible.

They are our superpower. Hidden, yet seen. Absent, yet felt. They are our never-ending story. We know what was… what could have been… and what we hope to FEEL again.  Our memory reel rolls endlessly… We can conjure up any episode to fit the mood.




And for some reason we cannot let them go. But oh, if we could only put them down.


Maybe we reminisce because we want our pasts back again, or maybe it’s that we want something that resembles our former lives? A substitution. A repeat.  Whatever the reason… We are hoarders, not of things, but of thoughts that bring us comfort and personal justification.

We strive for validity because we know we were once capable of sewing our heartstrings in impenetrable stitches… inside the chest of another soul.

Memories. I tell myself to put them down, and all I do is raise them eye level, and see where I used to be.


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