Meet Alfa


Since publishing her first poem online January of 2015, ‘Alfa’ recognized worldwide as simply ‘Alfa’, has amassed a social media following of nearly half a million fans. Regarded as one of today’s most influential and highly respected poets, Alfa’s stunning body of work can be found featured on top trending sites around the globe.

It was during her early childhood years when Alfa discovered her ability to express emotions through writing and her passion was born, but it is the lifetime of love, lessons, and loss that she has lived that adds her striking authenticity to each piece of poetry and prose she writes. Unapologetic about her ‘realistic’ take on heartache, she writes to let her readers know they are not alone in their pain.

That authenticity gut punches the soul so beautifully it leaves an imprint long after the last line is read. She credits her followers for inspiring her to write and post everyday. They keep her on track with their kindness, feedback and interaction. Alfa is real. She has lived what she writes and she writes what we have all felt but could never express ourselves.

Alfa holds degrees in English Literature as well as Radiologic Sciences. Radiation Physics is her arch nemesis but Radiation Oncology stole her heart early in her career. She has a penchant for popcorn swimming in butter, and has also been known to order apple licorice by the carton online.

Her children, the lights of her life, were the catalyst that pushed her to force her words and her smile on the world. She wanted to leave something behind for them, a legacy, proof of existence that shouts, “I was here, and full of dreams, love and hope.” And shout it does, across the world and into the hearts of everyone who reads her.

From a wide-planked porch in Kentucky, Alfa is most definitely indulging in ice tea while painting something turquoise, or crafting something extraordinary out of vintage buttons and brooches.

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