Alfa is a Kentucky native writer of Poetry, Quotes and Poetic Prose. She is best known for sharing her writing via her Facebook page and through her Instagram account.

She has three books of poetry published through her company AlfaWorldWide, LLC and is excited to announce that two more books of poems available NOW through St. Martin’s Press and Castle Point Books.



Abandoned Breaths – 2017

What happens to the words that never escape the confines of heartbroken souls? When someone chooses to vacate your life, they seldom take everything with them when they leave. Closure is elusive. A heart still has questions.

Silent Squall – 2018

Expanding upon the writings of her best selling book Abandoned Breaths, Alfa shares poignant poetry, quotes, and poetic prose, that delve deeper into how the story all began.

Bouquets: Letting them Go – 2018

Alfa has written a small chapbook of inspirational and heartfelt poetry and prose, geared towards the hearts of women who have experienced pain. Within these pages she emphasizes the strength that is derived from helping others while in the midst of personal pain, heartache, and loss.